About PolyFlowBuilder

PolyFlowBuilder was made by me (Duncan Applegarth) during the Summer of 2020, and I am currently maintaining it. I am currently a fourth-year Cal Poly SLO student pursuing a major in Computer Engineering and minors in Data Science and Mathematics. This has been a fun project to develop and iterate on - it allows me to apply all the skills that I have learned in and out of my classes (and it also gives me something to do during breaks, which is nice).

My main inspiration for this project came from the fact that there (currently) is no viable alternative to the popular student-made flowchart maker PolyFlows (which I used myself until I developed PolyFlowBuilder). My goal is to improve on the original ideas PolyFlows has and add my own twist to it, while providing a (hopefully) useful tool for other Cal Poly SLO students to use to help plan the academic side of their stay here! (I'm not too sure what's going on with Degree Planner, anyways...)

This is my first full-stack web project, so if there are any bugs/issues/concerns you have about it (or you would like to help contribute!), please let me know on the Feedback page or the PolyFlowBuilder Discord server!

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Disclaimer: Unit counts shown are not official and this tool does not reflect official degree progress or information.